Roads and potholes

Understandably there is a great deal of frustration and annoyance at the state of some of the roads in the Weybridge area and indeed across Surrey.

This time of the year normally sees an increase in the reports of defects and potholes on the highway due to the wet and cold weather. Although this type of weather is anticipated during Winter and resources are put in place to manage any peaks in defect numbers, there has been  an unusually high number defects and potholes in the last month or so. The repair gangs have recently been working extra shifts throughout the week and weekend to keep up with the number of defects being reported and Surrey County Council have now added some additional gangs to provide some further resilience in the short term.  They have also added a jet patching machine which carries out a rapid repair treatment.  This type of repair will be mainly used on targeting potholes on some of our residential roads.

There is over 3000 miles of road in Surrey so the Highways team need your help. If you see a pothole on the network then please use the Report it function on the Surrey County Council website.  From here you can also see if someone has already reported a defect by zooming in on the map when trying to ‘locate the problem’.

Seven Hills Road and St Georges Avenue

Having these two roads resurfaced is absolutely at the top of my list of priorities. Unfortunately the pressure on the County budget with the huge increase in demand for adult social care and those with special education needs and disabilities has meant other services have suffered. However,  Surrey County Council have now submitted two bids for funds from the large pot of money Elmbridge has accumulated from levying developers when they grant planning permission (Community Infrastructure Levy). Although this money is held by Elmbridge Borough Council, it is in reality public funds so I am hopeful that the bids will be approved and that works can commence this year. The applications will be considered later this month so I will update after that meeting.

Surrey are also lobbying government to change the way in which highway funding is calculated. At the moment the County receive a set sum per mile irrespective of the volume of traffic using it. That clearly benefits counties with lower vehicle useage and penalises the high density volumes of traffic in Surrey. We will continue to press them hard for fairer funding.